Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How To Set Your Baby Down Without Waking Them Up?

I have found an interesting technique that allows me to set my baby down into a crib or bed without waking him up. Typically, if I get my baby to sleep in my arms, he will wake up when I lay him down. All new parents know how frustrating this can be. It can be particularly daunting when they are teething and being awake means discomfort and crying.

I started thinking about what might be happening to wake them up. My first thought was that changing the angle they were on, from vertical to horizontal, was the issue. With my first child, I would carefully sit down in bed up against some pillows and slowly lower down until they were horizontal. This would take a long time and would still frequently wake the baby up.

Recently, I wondered if it might be the change in pressure when setting the child down. Here they are, in a nice comforting hug basically with pressure on their stomachs, chest, legs, ... and when they are set down, they are on a harder surface, and that comforting presence is removed.

Now what I do, is carefully set the baby down. I do not worry about them waking a bit and opening their eyes. That is sadly bound to happen. I then put both of my hands on their chest with fingers splayed and press about the same amount that they were getting when over my shoulder. Please make sure that you do not press too hard. This should basically be a reassurance that you are there and love them. I then keep pressing for a few seconds. The moment the baby relaxes again, I put a blanket on and walk off leaving a peacefully sleeping baby behind. No crying, no fuss, just a happy content baby.

Please let me know if this works for you, or what you do to get your baby down to sleep.

Happy New Year!


Rachel said...

I'll give it a try and let you know! I'm crossing my fingers!! As much as I love my little boy sleeping on me, sometimes I just need a break...

Jacob Taylor said...

Let me know how it works. I have also heard that warm towels can work in colder climates. Getting the bed nice and toasty before setting the baby down.

Happy Holidays!