Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Playing with Cards and Wii Remotes

Here is another example of engaging your audience. Topps has added a 3D effect to their cards. No, this is not a cheesy effect where you tilt the card from side to side to show or hide the player's smile. They came up with an idea that I have actually been toying around with. You hold their product (in this case a baseball card) up in front of your web camera. In the video on screen, you can see a wonderful 3D representation of the player above the card. You can rotate it anyway you want and you can even play simple games with it. I recommend watching the video to really get it. It kinds of reminds me of the little projection that R2D2 was spitting out in Star Wars.

Speaking of cool projections, there was as TED talk recently that I thought was very innovative. Johnny Lee created some very impressive tech out of Wii remotes and some software. He open sourced the software. This is quite an innovative use for the infrared camera on the end of the controller. I highly recommend making it to the end. Also, there is a high definition version online as well.


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