Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Look at the New Amazon Kindle

I am still quite hopeful that a new version of the Kindle will be announced on Monday. Amazon's press conference still does not have details of what it is about (that I am aware of).

Here is an article by Zack talking about the new Kindle Announcement Rumors.

There are more shots of the new Kindle out there. Is it me or does the Kindle 2.0 look a bit like the original iPhone?

I have had other readers recommended. Stanza seems to be getting some serious traction. I have been testing out the Masterpieces Collection reader by Marco Tabini. The quality and UI seem great, but I still cannot bring myself to read on such a small and glossy form factor. The text is clean and sharp, but the things is so reflective I find my eyes get tired quickly. I will keep experimenting. Meanwhile, I am tearing through books on and off the Kindle.

I wish I had one of the new Kindles in my hands. Amazon, want a review?


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Anonymous said...

Glossy no more:

$15 at any Apple store and it makes the cover look matte w/o interfering with the functionality at all. The covers last about 2 - 3 months.