Friday, January 9, 2009

Seven Things Meme...

Thanks to Jason Sweat, I was tagged with the "Seven Things" meme.
  1. My first computer was a Commodore Vic 20.
  2. I learned basic with my brother. We miss-typed the commands needed to load a program we had typed in and the error message was not consistent. Eventually, we started to figure out the key commands through trial an error. We were as far as peek and poke when we went out and purchased a book. Yes, we randomly tried words and actually found peek and poke. Really.
  3. My first paid programming job was when I was 13 or 14. It was with a partner that was facilitating the hardware needed to build and deploy the system.
  4. My first online ID was Wishmaker. I was put on the spot and the owner of the site asked me what I liked to do. I like making people's wishes come true, hence "wishmaker". I am still known as wishmaker or TheWishmaker on many sites.
  5. I cringe whenever scenes in movies mention torture, pliers, and finger or toenails, from personal experience.
  6. Finding more people to tag is actually possibly going to be harder than coming up with the facts to share. (and no, I am not counting this fact)
  7. An off duty police officer in the US can get from his house all the way to squealing his tires in pursuit in about 30ish seconds. One of my friends, named Jason, but not related to the tagger above, thought it would be a good idea to "salute" said officer with both of his middle fingers. One a positive note, while he and his friends pursued us for over 30 minutes, they did not catch us.
  8. Sun described my architecture as having "near linear scalability". Their tests actually showed what the architecture was designed for, linear scalability.

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Jason said...

Cool! My first attempt at a "real" program was writing space invaders on a Vic 20 :)

Lila said...

Now I have to strain my aging memory!!!

Jacob Taylor said...

Sadly, my first attempt was burgertime I think. Starting with an ascii drawn burger. I did write a logo program that could draw a basketball court though. That was fun.

Lila, better to write it down while you can still remember it. :P